Our Team

The Passion Behind the Business

While we do offer the best quality products and services, what really makes GEI NETWORK great is our incredible team. Passionate, experienced, talented and friendly, we truly have the best of the best. Get to know the people behind the business, who are dedicated to making sure your needs are not only met, but exceeded.


Joseph "Tone" Mitchell Jr

Research & Development

In 2007, Tone became CEO of Great Entertainment Inc (GEI); a brand and team that stretches from the U.S. to Australia. In 2021, Tone added yet another accolade to his already impressive resume’ by becoming the Research and Development Coordinator for GEI Network LLC.

LaTyia Mitchell

Creative Director

In 2021, LaTyia added another role to her already impressive resume’ by becoming Creative Director of GEI Network. 
With GEI Network, the goal is to give the public an outlet to release their creativity and express themselves in an environment where they would normally feel unheard or unseen. Even with no formal training, there is not much she cannot do!


Jonathan C. Ellerbee

Sales & Finance

Jonathan C. Ellerbee heads up our Sales and Finance Departments. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. He also serves as President of GEI and is a veteran of the Entertainment Industry, with over 25 years of experience in fashion and music. His greatest joys are his daughter, Jasmine and his camera!

Jay Bertete

Marketing Director

In 2013, Jay Bertete joined Great Entertainment Inc. (GEI) bringing his over 25 years of experience in Event Promotion and Production. He is currently the Vice President of GEI; working in Marketing, Publishing and Event Promotion along the way becoming Owner of Lifestyle4BK brand in 2017. In 2021, he joined GEI Network, LLC team as the Marketing Director.

KELLEY (2)2.png

Kelley Maddox

Human Resources

In 2018, Kelley added Model President of Great Entertainment Inc. to her already impressive resume’ Kelley aka Ruckstyles has been featured and published in books, magazines, and videos throughout her Cosmetology career, which essentially began at the tender age of 7. Kelley brings her expertise to GEI Network LLC as the head of Human Resources.

Tyrell Mitchell

Music Production

Tyrell regularly exhibits loyalty, dedication & passion in life. He employs this prowess as President of GEI Musiq Group, as well as, CEO of Love.Evolve.Focus LLC. He continues to improve on his vast resume' with his new role as Co-Leader of the Music Production team for GEI Network.


Christopher Maddox

Music Production

Christopher is an Atlanta native who emerged from a humble but rough adolescent street life. Christopher is innovative, creative, driven, passionate, artistic, and beyond talented to say the least. From an early age Christopher has always had a gift for music, painting, performing arts or anything creative.
Christopher is now utilizing his gifts as Co-Leader of the Music Production department of GEI Network.